Skating development for novice to professional players, with an emphasis on building proper technique and a "consistency of execution".

Puck Control

Teaching the art of shooting, passing and puck control enables players to better maintain possession of the puck, then release it with optimal power and accuracy.

Video Analysis

Together with the player, we will use video to dissect & analyze their strengths and identify specific areas or issues that should be addressed.

World-Class Trainers

Pro Skaters provides you with access to the some of the world's top skating coaches and trainers. In addition, Pro Skaters has partnered with top-tier shooting, puck-handling, strength, and body conditioning trainers, to help you take your game to the next level!


Our partners at UFG will provide a complete physical preparation program to help you get to the next level. These programs aim to develop optimum your strength, speed, and to hit peak conditioning levels for the start of the competitive season.


Functional Movement Screenings will help identify functional limitations and asymmetries in your movement. Corrective exercises are then selected to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.


Learn a variety of exercies that will work on several areas including functional strength, the correction of the body's imbalances, injury prevention and breath work. These assets will help a player to push even harder toward the end of a long game or series.


Yoga can make good athletes even better. The attention to breath awareness, concentration, and body control all help to improve a player's mental focus and mental endurance. The flexibility gained from yoga can have a huge positive impact on injury prevention and recovery.

Our Trainers

The trainers at Pro Skaters Inc have a combined experience of 25 years in teaching technical skating to players. Pro Skaters also has long-standing partnerships with several world-class trainers, in order to provide players with a Complete Development Program, including skating, shooting, puck control, strength training, and body conditioning/mobility. So if you're ready to take it to the next level, sign up today!

Lucas Lawson
Skating instructor (Pro Skaters)
Paul Lawson
Skating instructor (Pro Skaters)
Tim Turk
Shooting and Puck control (Tim Turk Hockey)
Paul Vaillancourt and Sarah Leighton
Strength and Fitness (UFG)
Dr. Paul Sly
Mobility/Function Movement Screening Specialist (ACHC)
Dr. Philip Knapp
Mobility/Functional Movement Screening Specialist (ACHC)
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