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About Pro Skaters

Pro Skaters Inc. is devoted to helping hockey players improve their skating and hockey skill sets. With knowledgeable instructors, access to world-class facilities, and a particular attention to detail, every player can stand to improve their skating with the help of Paul and Lucas at Pro Skaters Inc.

We also offer access to our Complete Player Development package, that provides players with comprehensive training such as: Functional Movement Screening, Skating instruction, Shooting and Puck Control, Strength/Agility/Speed training, and Body Control and Conditioning. More about our Complete Player Development package...


Where are the camps run?

We run our camps in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and in Arnprior (just west of Ottawa).

Can girls/women participate in your camps?

Yes! Pro Skaters Inc has worked with many female hockey players in helping them improve their skating technique!

Do you offer training for my age group and skill level?

Yes! Pro Skaters offers camps throughout the year for all age groups and skill levels, from Novice/Peewee to NHL/AAA/Jr.

What makes you different from other hockey training camps?

Our team of instructors and associates want to provide you with training that is tailored and personalized for your specific needs. We don't simply run everyone through the same old drills. Using video analyis, we will identify your strengths and also identfy specific areas or issues that should be addressed.

Do you only teach skating skills?

In addition to our skating programs, Pro Skaters offers a Complete Player Development program, that works on improving skating as well as puck control/shooting, strength and fitness training, and mobility and body control screening/training.

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Pro Skaters Inc never turns down a challenge and believes that even players at the highest level can improve their skating. We believe that everyone can improve their skating, from young players in bantam to experienced pros. Let us help you improve your stride! Players of all levels, ages, genders, languages and backgrounds are welcome!

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